The Worst Hero ~ Part I ~ eBook

The Worst Hero ~ Part I ~ eBook

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Alchemy Book III

The Worst Hero ~ Part I ~ The Rise of Germania

 ‘The empire stretches across the world map, pink ~ like the blotches on a drunkards face.’

The Worst Hero ~ part 1 ~ The Rise of Germania
Book 3 of the Alchemy Series.
The Warlord has stolen the greatest treasure that the 5th Worlde has ever known. He flees the Orient accompanied by a ragged Holy Man, and a Templar Knight.
Old King Henry, The Lion of Bavaria, is murdered. Queen Matilda plots to seize the throne and use the might of Bavaria to reclaim her title ~ the true Queen of England and its empire.
War rages across the world as plots and intrigue engulf the principalities.
Milo and his brother Ziggy ~ poor Bavarian country boys ~ are fresh from the battle of Bronhoved. They are now caught up in the Great War as the fight for Germania begins.