The Work of Gods ~ Paperback

The Work of Gods ~ Paperback

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The empire stretches across the world map, pink ~ like the blotches on a drunkards face.'

A dark fantasy set in a medieval world of plots, treason, intrigue, witchcraft and war.

War rages across the great empire as Templars, Witches, Inquisitors, Wizards, Kings and Murders ~ Clash and plot Intrigues.

A young Sir Thomas Henry Valentine Deveroux spies for the empire, under the guise of being one of the great literary minds of the age but he is is having trouble finishing his latest novel. His mother bullies him, his father has disinherited him, and his lover is a known witch and freethinking woman.

The cultural laws are introduced, the inquisition is in full swing, and the sadistic Witch-Finder General prosecutes all who fall beneath his grasp.

And so begins the hunt for a lost treasure, the fight for liberty, and the
struggle for equality.