From The Devil We Came ~ 5th Worlde Sagas ~ Episode 1

From The Devil We Came ~ 5th Worlde Sagas ~ Episode 1

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A dark epic fantasy set in a broken world of plots, high treason, intrigue, murder, torture, and war. 

Sir Thomas Henry Deveroux spies for the empire, under the guise of being one of the great literary minds of the age but he is having trouble finishing his latest novel. His mother bullies him, his father has disinherited him, and his lover is a known Witch and Freethinker.

An old college acquaintance is murdered, his mentor is kidnapped, and a smuggler finds a body in Camden Lock. The King unleashes the Cultural Laws, enforced by the Inquisition and the Witchfinder General. Deveroux struggles with his loyalties torn between the Templars, the Empire, and the Crown. And then he meets a beautiful Chinese girl. And chaos erupts around him.

"This is a really great read, full of intrigue, twist, and turns. It is gritty, real, and unrelenting, as it combines a Dark Epic Fantasy of Mystical Worlds with the harsh reality of life in medieval times.

 New author Kevin Donoghue has developed an excellent prose style in his historical sagas, which are set in an alternative world, and in doing so, he has achieved exactly the right balance of historical accuracy and mystical fantasy.

 The Sagas are set in the medieval period of the 100 Years War. The story-lines twirl around twelve individual protagonists, of differing ages, race, gender, faith, and sexual orientation, as they fight to survive in a very brutal world. Templars, Witches, and Inquisitors. Wizards, Kings, Fairies… and Murderers, clash and plot intrigues. My Personal my favourites are the reprehensible ‘Robyn Nudd,’ and the nefarious 'Lud the Black.’ [ a true candidate for Darth Vader's crown]. The sagas have a growing following, and reputation, and there is definitely something for everyone.’ ~     Zippy ~ Northern Fantasy League

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