Whole Heap of Troubles ~ Paperback

Whole Heap of Troubles ~ Paperback

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A Whole Heap of Troubles ~  The Adventures of Robyn Nudd [ Part 1]

A short story Novelette ~ 36 pages

Robyn Nudd is a smuggler and an apprentice witch. She plies here trade on the canal and waterway networks of England, ranging from Old Father Thames to the great slave port of Bristol, and North of the Gap to the industrial zones and further, to the last castle of Far York.

One morning she awakes at Camden Lock, where she finds a body floating in the canal.

And so begins an adventure, she is chased by the Inquisitors, persecuted by the Cultural Laws, and wanted by the Crown. The Witch-Finder General burns her lover, the Templars chase her across the country, and she is befriended by the strange Ferdinand de Noirfoncé.

An epic high fantasy set in a broken world of plots, high treason, intrigue, murder, war, torture, and witchcraft.